Monday, September 5, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jig:)

Spent Labor Day weekend in LA--E got to see his dad and I got some much needed R &R.  I gotta say, as soon as I start to get content in Minneapolis-I drag myself to the airport.  Landing at LAX Thursday night, I was so excited to be back.  No, I'm not a fan of traffic.  I'm a fan of warm weather, the ocean, the mountains and chill people:)  I don't swim, so people always find it odd that I'm so attracted to seawater.  Perhaps, because it is always a high-risk situation for me.  I got to visit my favorite local places-run to Malibu-bike to Venice and while taking breakfast at my favorite little hiding spot in Santa Monica (the International Cafe)--someone shouted Minnehaha?  I gotta tell you-that made me smile.  In a city-where everyone is a somebody (you might just not be able to place them at that moment)--someone recognized me  clad in running gear and smiled when speaking about my big, beautiful house. I like talking old houses-I think I always surprise people with that and they often comment that I'm "so real".  Ummm, cause I am :)  So I chatted about the great  Minnehaha project-which almost left my hands this weekend (but didn't). The weather finally warmed up and I couldn't resist any longer.  I coaxed the boogie board from E and went in the water.  I'm sure it is always a sight-me and the Boogie Board. I'm not a very coordinated human-so I end up looking like a rag doll. It is always a time when I forget that I'm somebody's mom and a grown-up.  In the ocean, I'm 10 years old..tops. So much fun and just what my doctor ordered--30 minutes of not having a care in the world.  I walked back to my hotel with the biggest grin on my face, so thankful that I took that time to be a kid again.  The days before then were fun on the beach--but the moments after I let the burden of my adult life slip away into the sea were so much better.  I have a new favorite pic and it was taken right after that--it's still me, but my the eyes...well, they are those of a happy 10 year old after a day at the Beach. Sometimes the complexity of my day makes me forget that I have a choice to be happy or to dwell on the crappy things.  I wrote a post-it note and stuck it on the door--be happy:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where the blog did the last month go?

I started the blog with every intention of writing once  a day.  Honestly,  this month has taken it's toll on me and I was afraid that if I started writing..I wouldn't be able to stop. It's absolutely beautiful outside-Polly and I are sitting on the front step.  Lots of changes going on...

Ethan is back to school-I still got a hug and a kiss and negotiated one pic outside the house (pretty good deal, I think).  Whenever we head back to school, I think of all the great school moments.  We have moved around quite a bit and I have always been so thankful for those teachers that really took my child in and loved him.  He was recently back in Detroit and was so excited to have run in to his "favorite" teacher- Barbara Sansone, 2nd grade - at the pool.  And he said " she recognized me!!!".  I had a very sad boy that year after rebounding to life in Detroit after LA and this very special teacher gave my child a smile every day that made him feel just as loved and confident at school as I did at home.  The best part was that he thought she wouldn't know him--1. my child has looked the same since birth-can't miss the jet black hair and dark brown eyes 2. she's the type that never would forget a student.  Just yesterday, he jumped in the car from soccer and said "Mom, I got to see Mr. Benjamin twice today" (his 5th grade teacher).  Special note here-I don't have a child that loves school or does his homework without me using the evil look and the voice--plain and simple, I have the child that loves people and recognizes good ones when he sees them. So very special thank you to all those great people that have loved my baby:)

I was just thinking that if the boy ever read that I still called him baby, well, I'd probably be in some trouble:)

I turned 35 a couple weeks ago.  At that point I realized that I was closer to 40 than 20-when did that happen? I have to admit-the only thing I miss about my 20's is facial fat.  One thing I have learned is that it disappears and laughlines, crowsfeet and the buttcrack between my eyes replaces it:)  Not complaining, because each one has a story and a lesson learned.  My birthday this year was probably the best ever. Not because of gifts or parties-although a clean and organized garage would have been terrific:)  No this year was different because this whole year has been different....I started a new life in 2011 (internally, outside still looks the same).  I made a pledge that I would recognize that if it doesn't kill me-I will get through it quickly and move on faster.  One day-I can share my experiences of this year that I have triumphed over, but for now and court orders (joke, kind of) I'm keeping it under wraps.  I have lost some friends over this new life-which has really put a dent in my heart. However, I will cherish the memories that I had with them and hope that this is all for the better.  Sometimes I think that the people that love you when you are down get a bit fearful when you're not.  Truth be told though-my mom has always been my best friend and this has just meant she has to take on more hyperventilating calls from me now:)  Every year for as long as I can remember, I have made a birthday list--this year, I got everything on it and trust me when I say...having a tv show wasn't on it:)  Happiness is within and if money or success could buy it...well, we'd all be toting around our new "happiness" rather than the latest Iphone:)

The front door just opened and someone sat down to share their chocolate donut with me:) and just peeked over at my screen and send "you need a space between best and friend". No nutritional breakfast keywords here. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.  We are heading to LA-Ethan is excited to see his dad--if you're a single mom like me--try to have a decent relationship with dad--took me  a long time, but wow, what a difference it makes.  You don't have to love them-just respect them for your child's sake.  Vacations together took a bit to get used to it-but now it's kind of funny to think how many years we spent arguing-bottom line-we both just wanted to love the baby boy:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a New day

I decided to start a blog for the simple reason that I have so much more to say than what I should say in a facebook post.  Please don't hang out here to stalk me":)  I get emails everyday asking how I do it-raise my son, work and still end up with a smile on my face.  Well, the truth is-sometimes I don't.  My life is filled with those crappy days and not so fun moments too.  Today-the fear of school starting in 3 weeks is setting in and the Mom guilt that I just haven't spent enough time with E during his break. Where has the summer gone and is my baby really going to starting 8th grade....didn't I just hold his hand as he cried during the kindegarten round-up tour?  Hmmm...good thing Polly never ages:)